Global Society of Peace Engineers

The Global Society of Peace Engineers (GSPE), © Peace Innovation Institute in The Hague was formed in August 2019 as an outcome of the Summer Institute of Peace Engineering in the Hague, Holland.  GSPE’s purpose is to provide assessment, certification, training and support for Peace Engineers, a new field of blended engineering and finance that engages diverse backgrounds and incorporates the use of Peace Data. GSPE is a project of the Peace Innovation Institute in The Hague.

What is Peace Engineering?  How do I become a Peace Engineer?  

For a brief overview of what Peace Data is read this excellent blog from Lucia's Blog .

A short video of our launch at the Peace Engineering Summer Institute is here: PESI Video

The official launch page is archived here.

Our most recent paper explaining our mission is here.

If you wish to be contacted when we open up for memberships (founding, full, affiliate and student) please email us on smithpetermark at